Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Low Sodium Marinara Sauce

Peter Harris, President of Silver Palate Kitchens, Inc. announced this January the company's new Marinara Pasta Sauce with low enough sodium to qualify as a low sodium food. Most pasta sauce products contain about 350mg to 600mg of sodium per serving. Mr. Harris stated that the company's new Marinara sauce contains only 115mg of sodium per half cup serving. 

"Does it taste blah?" asked many consumers. Mr. Harris said, "Try it yourself. Our pasta sauces contain imported San Marzano whole tomatoes and no tomato paste and no added sugar. The taste of the tomatoes is what you taste and, I believe, will truly enjoy". 

The American Heart Association and other health and nutrition leaders are urging consumers to cut down on sodium in processed foods. The new sauce takes its place among the company's other pasta sauce items, including, Regular Marinara, Deluxe Tomato Basil, Fra Diavolo and Vodka Elegante Sauce.