Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Right Sauce for the Right Pasta!

Silver Palate announces new program in which it tailors its pasta sauce items to specific types of pasta for perfect pasta enjoyment and taste. Penne, Ziti, Elbows, Rigatoni and other short pasta styles go perfectly with Silver Palate Vodka Elegante Sauce. Also, Silver Palate's new Tomato Romano Sauce is also great with penne, etc.

Longer pastas such as spaghetti and linguini are geared to Silver Palate Marinara, Deluxe Tomato Basil, Fra Diavolo (Arrabiata) and new Low Sodium Marinara. These thinner sauces surround the longer strands which absorb the tasteful sauce and enhance the flavor of the spaghetti and linguini types of pasta.