Monday, March 12, 2012

Think Johnny Cash's - WALK THE LINE - Grain Berry Style

"Watch your line boys, watch your line
Grain Berry Bran Flakes do it just fine
Watch your line girls, watch your line
Grain Berry Toasted Oats do it so fine.

What that means: we will look for two bulky football line backers to act as symbolic protectors of the family when kids take a bus to go to school (imagine two burly guys in uniform getting on the little bus with the kids) or go shopping with Mom (they stand around as she food shops or tries on a jacket) but they do not interact with the action. 

They are there only symbolically to protect the family as Grain Berry does. The family does not see the men. They are just there to symbolically protect the family against whatever is out there to affect their well being. In fact, in the morning when Mom serves Grain Berry cereal to the kids, the linebackers are also at the table in full uniform and helmets but the family does not see them. We may have the linebackers serve themselves with Grain Berry cereal, however.