Friday, April 1, 2011

Silver Palate To Supply Food to Homeless Children in Florida

In the March 6 "60-Minutes" program on CBS television, the show did a story on the great numbers of children in the Orlando area whose families have lost homes and were living in one-room motel locations. School buses stop there to pick up and drop off the kids from school and many of them do not have enough to eat and actually go to bed hungry. Silver Palate called down to Orlando and talked to the school system and learned that they did not need food for school lunches since that is supplied by various levels of government. However, they do not have enough food at dinner time and help is needed for that purpose. Thus, Silver Palate is arranging to make individual bowls of its Grain Berry Antioxidant Bran Flakes and crackers as well as its pasta sauce and pasta to supply for that purpose. Hopefully, as the economy improves, their parents will find employment and get back into regular homes again. Let us all be conscious of the situation of our neighbors. If not us...who?