Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Grain Berry Might Help Fight Obesity

Grain Berry Cereals and Baking Mixes contain high tannin sorghum bran along with whole grain oats (Toasted Oats) and whole grain wheat (Bran Flakes).
The high tannins are similar to those in red wine, blueberries and chocolate. One of the less known facts about high tannins in sorghum is the fact that it binds with carbohydrates and other nutrients and a goodly amount does not get absorbed in the body  - thus, not producing fat and calories.
That is a well-established fact about the tannins in sorghum and that can be important news in the campaign against obesity.

How did we find out? The cows and chickens told us!

Scientists have known for many years that high tannins bind with carbs, protein and other nutrients and are excreted from the body without being absorbed as fat.  

But Grain Berry learned about it from farmers who told us that when their cows start eating high tannin sorghum, they don't put on weight. Same story with their chickens.

That is not a good thing for beef cattle (and chickens) that are sold based on weight. So we thank the skinny cows and lean chickens for letting us food people know what could be a very important benefit for people in this age of an obesity epidemic.